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ARAK-21™ Update

We are pleased that our website is finally live. I hope you find it user friendly, and informative. We are now taking orders and will start shipments the week of March 25th. The testing we have been doing has been very valuable to the final product and has yielded many improvements. Shooting accuracy tests have yielded 5 shot groups less than 1” at 100 yards with a 5.56 x 20” long heavy profile barrel. Our simulation test stand has had upper assemblies exceed 100,000 cycles successfully, and with little to no measurable wear.

We have increased the number of gas settings from three to four. This will allow the user to have three settings for the gas flow, and one for no gas flow. We feel that this will make for a better, more user friendly situation for various types of factory ammunition as opposed to the three selections we had.

One of the changes we have implemented was a result of our article in Recoil Magazine. They noted the liability of the lower recoil lug being able to be dislodged accidentally. We agreed with this assessment and made an engineering change to fix this concern. We now have a cross pin that will secure the lower recoil lug in position. We believe that this will eliminate that concern 100%. We thank our friends at Recoil Magazine for the feedback.

Another thing we will be doing when we start shipping ARAK-21™ uppers is to include a thank you card in each box. This card will have a website that we would appreciate if you would share your experience with us. We want to know if you received the products in good shape from shipping. We also want to know how our upper receiver fit your lower receiver. And most importantly, we would love for you to send us a picture of your newly assembled rifle, and some pictures of targets you have shot with your ARAK-21™,so we can share them on our website in the photo gallery.

We are excited about this new venture, and we are glad that you chose to be a part of the ARAK-21™ Evolution with us.

Sincerely and with appreciation,

The Faxon Team

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Created on: 3/8/2013 2:31 AM
I am glad you guys have finally gone live. I have been waiting. I first heard of you all while serving in Kandahar. I was in the mountains of Afghanistan and all I wanted to do was get home and hope I could get an ARAK. Buck has been awesome and has promised me one as soon as they are off the line. I can't wait to put rounds down range. If this gun is everything that I expect it will be, you are going to sell a ton of uppers.
Created on: 3/11/2013 2:53 AM
What folding stock adapter would you recommend?
Created on: 3/13/2013 11:13 AM
A simple folding stock adapter is available from  It works, but the quality is not great.  Painted finish. $45.98 shipped.  You do not need the LAW Tactical adapter, since the ARAK-21 does not use a buttstock recoil spring/buffer.  Hopefully, Faxon will make one in the near future.
Created on: 3/19/2013 2:27 PM
Viability and estimated timing of 300BLK in an SBR length?  If not possible I would still be interested in an SBR 556 and 16" 300BLK combo.  Thanks
Created on: 3/21/2013 6:53 AM
Have had, a nordic crs stock (mp5 style) for years, and cant wait to finally use it on something other than a 22lr :D so glad I found out about this!
Created on: 3/23/2013 12:04 PM
Will FAXONFIREARMS be at the NRA convention in Houston?
Created on: 3/26/2013 12:35 AM
Looks great.  Any thoughts on offering a 308 version?
Created on: 3/26/2013 12:37 AM
Which lowers have you tried out?  Any preference from a fit and function perspective?
Created on: 3/30/2013 1:06 AM
Received this email today. It has great info and an update on shipping of preorders

Dear Valued Customer,

We wanted to update all of you who have placed orders with us for your new ARAK-21™ Upper Receiver.

Shipments will begin on Monday April 1st.  I believe that we are as excited about this as you are.  We apologize for the delay, but  the extra week was well spent.   Throughout the testing and evaluation there have been several engineering changes that have improved the overall operation of the ARAK-21™.  A fourth gas setting on the gas adjustment knob has been added along with a cross pin to positively secure the lower recoil lug in position.

Our first shipments will be in filling the orders for the .223 / 5.56 barrels only and then we will start shipping the two barrel combos.  The combos will start shipping the week of April 8th.  The delay in the combos was in part by the additional testing that we have done on the recoil system.  A second recoil spring will be added to the combo for the lower pressure, and subsonic  rounds of the .300 BLK.  This will make for a much better selection of 300 BLK ammunition that will cycle properly through the ARAK-21™ upper receiver.

Thank you for your interest in our new product and we look forward to hearing from you after you have shot your newly assembled rifle.  We would very much appreciate if you would share your comments and a picture of your assembled rifle at

Thank you for your order and your patience.

The Faxon Team
Created on: 4/6/2013 12:38 AM
I've been following this project since I first saw it on
I'm convinced this is the shiznizzle/must get upper for those of us bored with the conventional AR but I gotta know... what's the wait time look like on a basic 5.56 upper?
Also, when will we possibly see a 6.5Grendel/7.62x39 (same bolt) kit?
Looking forward to being a Faxon Fanboy!
Created on: 4/6/2013 12:43 AM
BTW, you want folding stocks, don't forget ACE ltd.
Created on: 4/8/2013 10:10 PM
Another company that makes folding stock adapter is:   I look forward to getting my upper shipped, the lower is waiting.
Created on: 4/9/2013 3:34 PM
Another company that makes folding stock adapter is:   I look forward to getting my upper shipped, the lower is waiting.
Created on: 4/9/2013 5:00 PM
"Will FAXONFIREARMS be at the NRA convention in Houston?"  Unfortunately, last I heard they were not able to secure a booth.  That would be a great venue for lots of people to handle the ARAK-21 in person.
Created on: 4/11/2013 11:06 AM
After doing some research... I am really excited to try one of your uppers. My question is two fold: Is there a timeframe/ plan to produce a 300 blk in a 10" or less barrel? This would affect which Lower I mate the upper with.
Created on: 4/17/2013 6:55 PM
First seen your ARAK-21 on RECOIL very nice i'm glad to see your live and i can't wait to get my ARAK-21 left hand set up i look forward to seeing more products and apparel from you guy's
Created on: 4/18/2013 1:57 AM
It would seem the perfect upper to use for a pistol build. Will you be able to offer anything close to a 10" length or does your piston design limit you to 16"? Also do you plan to offer custom target grade barrels? Cant wait to try the current setup, but see room for you to move into more areas. Thanks
Created on: 4/20/2013 10:19 AM
Sharp thinking! Thanks for the awnser.
Created on: 4/20/2013 11:30 PM
Guys, heavy barrel vs medium barrel, differences (aside from the weight)?  Interested in the 16" models.
Created on: 4/21/2013 11:18 AM
Ordered my upper last week.  When does it ship?  Can't wait to try it out, although getting 300AAC is really hard.  Maybe, offer a couple of boxes of ammo with the uppers?
Created on: 4/21/2013 6:31 PM
vMXNob  <a href="">hbkekblcgyej</a>
Created on: 4/27/2013 5:04 AM
I'm very enthusiastic to try one of these out! One of the other comments inquired about a 7.62x39/6.5 Grendel unit, and that sounds like a good pair to consider.

I'd also like to see a barrel at some point that would compliment your existing platform of 5.56/300, the 6.5 PCC!
Created on: 4/28/2013 7:45 PM

Created on: 5/12/2013 1:11 AM
I built 2-16", heavy barrel,5.56 ARAKs.After  21 yrs serving this Great Nation in the USMC,shooting and carrying every model m-16, this is THE MACK DADDY!!Low to no recoil,very smooth operation,built like a tank,and a pleasure to shoot.Well done.You have set the standard.SEMPER FI FAXON,SEMPER FI !!!!!
Created on: 5/17/2013 4:11 PM
When can I expect my upper?  I placed an order on April 6th and my shipping deadline has been moved back a couple of times...  Anyone else having similar difficulties?   Please, please, please expedite my order to me ASAP because I can't wait to take this rifle out to the range!  I've been waiting for two years to get a rifle like this and I've been literally counting down the days until it would arrive like a little kid at Christmas.
Created on: 5/24/2013 6:08 PM
Any idea when the April 24th orders will be shipped? I excited about getting my hand on this upper and plan on using the 300 barrel to slew hogs in Texas. Thanks Sgt. Rick Clary SRPD RET
Created on: 6/5/2013 4:23 PM
I like the concept.  This design is part of the GEN III battle rifle concept.  GEN III is using gas systems that allow the rifles to be modular.  The IWI Tavor is an example as is the Remington/Bushmaster ACR and the FNH-USA SCAR 16s/17s.  

The biggest factor to move GEN III forward into being accepted by the military is the development of a General Purpose Cartridge (GPC) to replace both the .223 and the .308 cartridges.  The 6.5 Grendel is an example of a potential GPC.  The other factor with a GPC is going from brass cases to plastic.  Brass is just too expensive to leave on the battlefield.  Plus the Army does not reload.

It would be nice if the 6.5 Grendel would become part of the Faxon line up.  And if Faxon develops an AR10 using the same modular concept, it would be nice if they accepted the FAL magazine instead of the SR10 mag as LMT did.
Created on: 6/7/2013 6:13 PM
One thought on lower receivers.  Instead of making your own, why not just purchase them from DS Arms?  
Created on: 6/8/2013 12:50 AM
Curious if these are shipping yet?
Created on: 6/28/2013 10:21 AM

Created on: 7/1/2013 12:17 AM
My Lefty Upper combo functions great.I look forward to doing business with Faxon in the future.
Created on: 7/11/2013 7:06 PM
Just saw this on  Looks really promising!

One thing I'd like to see though:  The bottom rail section brought in a little bit closer (if possible) to the mag well.  That's a personal thing though.

At any rate, it looks like it could be what the failed Individual Carbine contest was actually looking for!
Created on: 7/15/2013 5:32 PM
Good job with the 12.5" 5.56mm.  Is the 12.5" 300BLK in process?
Created on: 7/19/2013 2:12 AM



Created on: 7/21/2013 4:31 PM
AND FOR THOSE THAT FEEL LIKE I DO HERE ARE SOME .308 LOWERS...................................                                                                                                                                 AT LEAST 6-10....OR MORE HERE ARE SOME LINKS......
Created on: 8/1/2013 12:47 PM
Have you guys thought about making a .308 adapter for the lowers?  Something akin to a Colt LE901 sleve that lets the shooter use 5.56 uppers on a .308 lower.  If that is even possible with a normal .308 lower.
Created on: 8/3/2013 2:04 AM
Had a thought... Because of the lack of need for the buffer tube, could you not theoretically create a fairly compact bullpup out of this with the use of a modified lower?
Created on: 8/5/2013 10:54 AM
You guys need to make your own version of a nordic crs stock/ nea arms pdw stock/ kel tek rmr 30 stock.  That would sell!  Especially since these stocks are hard to find
Created on: 8/7/2013 12:40 PM
I really like the ARAK-21 uppers.  I see the heavy barrel 12.5" 5.56 barrels are available now.  Will you be releasing light weight barrels for these?  A combo set of 12.5" LW 5.56 and 300blk are on my wish list.

A DPMS format 7.62 upper would also be on the list if produced.

Created on: 8/7/2013 9:46 PM
I would also like to see a 6.5mm PCC version (and a 6.8mm PCC version) in the near future, both of which are .223 based
rounds...the 6.5mm PCC Finish Chamber Reamer and Gauges are on hand and waiting for a GO. Thanks.
Created on: 8/21/2013 9:48 AM
Any ETA on the 12.5" 300 blackout barrels?
Created on: 8/21/2013 11:27 AM
I just wanted to say that i have ordered my ARAK21 upper and even though im still waiting on it i wanted to say that the customer service has been the best that ive ever dealt with. There supper friendly and its like dealing with your local gun shop that knows you by name. i have been extremely impressed and will look forward to continuing my business with them.
Created on: 8/26/2013 9:05 PM
FN-FAL, HK-91, M1A,  IMI Galil ACE, PWS / MK-216, Robinson Arms M, LWRC REPR, SIG 716, PTR -91, DSARMS STG 58, POF, HK/MR-762, VEPR -308, SCAR-17, HAC-7....FAXON build a 308 they will come...
Created on: 8/27/2013 5:24 PM
I received my 16' heavy barrel ARAK 21 and the quality and innovation of this upper is nothing less than spectacular ! The reliability of this upper should make it mandatory to be on everyone of out military M series rifles, and it's features and function just blows all the uppers on the market away. Do yourself a favor and replace your existing AR upper with an ARAK 21, you will not be sorry !!!!

   Michael Godard   God'A GRIP Tactical Cheek Pads, Grips
                             and Ammo Carriers
Created on: 9/5/2013 3:26 PM
Hey its david again, are there any plans on manufacturing folders in the future?  Plus will you have a 308 available in the future..thx..
Created on: 9/9/2013 11:25 PM
AR/AK should have a folding stock similiar to the Swedish AK5.  Plus a rifle in the 7.62x39 / 7.62x51mm, if you made this design in your manufacturing you could not produce enough...;)..ciao
Created on: 9/9/2013 11:27 PM
Can someone answer a simple question...will you have a 308 version in the future like real soon...;)
Created on: 9/15/2013 1:31 PM
seems a bit on the heavy side is their anything that can be done to reduce weight and keep cost down I saw that a heavy barrel weighs less than your pencil barrel ? heat transfer is also an issue after 30 rounds editors of Recoil claimed it was unbearable without gloves maybe fluted barrels more vent holes, larger, or relocated?
Created on: 9/15/2013 1:39 PM
with all the different types of 308 lowers on the market I suggest you stick with 223/5.56, 300 blk but if you throw a 7.62/39 that might be good idea ammo is cheep and plentiful unlike 300blk and you don't have to stray from standard ar 15 lower. If you do make a 308 upper please go with something that uses p-mags. DPMS,bushmaster,MATEN ect......
Created on: 9/25/2013 4:18 AM
Faxonfirearms, I am here to humbly request, no beg, for your next release to be a 7.62x39/.308 upper. I was all set to purchase a 5.56 upper when a chance encounter with a wild animal and my AR-15 in 5.56 changed my mind and .300 BLK ammo is just too expensive to justify sinking that kind of money into one of your uppers. I do however want an ARAK upper so bad I can't stand it, so if you listen to anything posted on this blog, please listen to the 15+ comments request an upper chambered in this cartridge.
Created on: 9/25/2013 4:28 PM
I just received my ARAK21 upper in the mail and i must say im extremely impressed. I have yet to shoot it but as soon as im able to i shall put it through its paces and do a good all around test of the upper. Excellent product.
Created on: 9/25/2013 10:13 PM
They wont listen to your pleas of a 308 version or a 7.62x39 hence the ar-ak, but what they will do is compliment you for letting them know about porn on their sites...;)  I told them, apparently they dont browse the blog, unless it helps them in some way, but they never responded back with a yes or no for a 308...
Created on: 9/30/2013 11:35 AM
I love mine, I shoot 3 Gun with it. Looking Forward to killing a Deer with it this year. Yhe Customers that I have sold them to just keep coming back and buying ammo..... Great Job Faxon.
Created on: 9/30/2013 11:36 AM
I love mine, I shoot 3 Gun with it. Looking Forward to killing a Deer with it this year. The Customers that I have sold them to just keep coming back and buying ammo..... Great Job Faxon.
Created on: 9/30/2013 11:38 AM
I love mine, I shoot 3 Gun with it. Looking Forward to killing a Deer with it this year. The Customers that I have sold them to just keep coming back and buying ammo..... Great Job Faxon.
Created on: 10/5/2013 6:37 PM
The last entry must have been written by someone drinking..
Created on: 10/17/2013 5:07 PM
The people would like 7.6/308 version. ;]
Created on: 10/18/2013 6:50 PM
A 308 or 7.62x39 version would require a completely different lower too...which would be a completely different gun.
Created on: 10/27/2013 5:37 PM
I see Ruger has just displayed a brand new 762x51mm rifle, matter a fact they are traveling to your local areas for purchase right now today..  You see Faxon, learn from this mistake...they are a very hot item as I type, no hype everyone desires this caliber...
Weapon in question....SR 762 piston..Ciao..;)
Created on: 10/30/2013 11:50 PM
What is the ETA on a .22LR conversion for training/ cheap plinking? Black Dog Machine LLC .22LR magazines are by far the best .22LR AR 15 magazines for this conversion. Most all .22LR AR 15 uppers and Sig Sauer use this magazine for it's Sig 522.
Created on: 11/4/2013 3:40 PM
Hello, I write from Spain where we don´t have the oportunity of enjoy your product, but I´m a big fan of it and I can only suggest you to introduce a 7,62x39/6,5 grendel kit and think in machining a multi-caliber magazine maybe in a joint venture with Jing Zheng, who has a multi-caliber magazine design (5.56, 300BLK, 5.45, 7.62, 6.5, 6.8) capable of working with any standard AR-15 lower:

That would be the definitive multi-caliber platform and could be the next standard for quite years.
Created on: 11/4/2013 9:26 PM
I see a few folk's asking about 7.62x39 conversion.
first of all the AAC 300 Blackout is a 7.62x35 and has
better ballisics than the 7.62x39. It was created by using
a .223 casing cut down and renecked to hold a 7.62x51 NATO
bullet. Therefore using the same bolt and magazine as the .223/5.56x45 round. The 7.62x40 wilson tactical uses the same principal. Still with better ballistics than the older than dirt inferior 7.62x39 that uses a different bolt and magazine.
Both the 300 blackout and the 7.62x40 have less recoil and better accuracy with slightly more knockdown power than the before mentioned 7.62x39. Just saying...
Created on: 11/11/2013 1:27 PM
I am waiting to find out if Faxon is making it in 7.62x39 and 5.45x39 both very available and cheap. I understand the .308 but could care less if you make one in that caliber. expensive to shoot.
I am also wondering what took a company so long to make this design? just glad someone finally did. I love the AR, it's just the market is over saturated with way over priced AR's that all have the same exact problems. BAD designs from the get go.

I will be ordering a Faxon 5.56 very very soon, then wait for my next caliber to come available. 5.45x39 come on Faxon...
Created on: 11/11/2013 7:04 PM
Please I beg you. Left hand 308. Left 7.62x39mm. Left hand 6.8spc using the magpul 6.8 magazines. I love the owner is south paw. Thank you for supporting the people in the right mind!
Created on: 11/14/2013 10:48 PM
I would have to agree with the pleas for a 5.45 version.  You're already making an AK parallel piston system, why not the round to go with it in a better, more accurate platform?
Created on: 11/27/2013 7:08 PM
My Son and I harvested 3 deer this year with our ARAK 556. Shoots great and works every time. Great job Guys...
Created on: 11/30/2013 3:21 PM
Faxon needs to build a 762x51mm rifle for future pig hunting use in America, Merry Christmas...;)  
Created on: 12/3/2013 5:08 AM
Can the current 300blk barrel be cut to sbr length and still function correctly? If so how short? Or what modes have to be done to accomplish?
Created on: 12/4/2013 7:43 AM
Can you ship to canada?
Created on: 12/6/2013 12:35 AM
I finally received my upper receiver, awesome, awesome, 2 x awesome. Now Im going to wait for the 308. You guys are great. What a product.
Created on: 12/9/2013 5:07 PM
Is this a secret, I heard through the grapevine, that a 308 rifle is in the works, what say Faxon?
Created on: 12/19/2013 1:48 PM
MERRY CHRISTMAS............ HO HO HO  :)
Created on: 12/22/2013 10:23 PM
I can't wait to buy one of your 5.56 uppers once i have the money. I also hope that you guys will make barrels in 6.8 spc and .308. Please do the 6.8 spc and keep up the awesome work.
Created on: 12/24/2013 11:34 AM
I, too, am begging for the Grendel version of this to come out - the perfect rifle!
Created on: 12/31/2013 5:26 PM
HAPPY NEW YEAR...7.62X51MM ...*)
Created on: 1/7/2014 12:03 AM
We have received a large amount of requests for a .308 version of the ARAK-21. We have been working on the new ARAK-31 for a while. We will keep you posted..
Thank you..........HAPPY NEW YEAR....;)
Created on: 1/7/2014 3:14 PM
as much as i would like to believe a 308 version around the corner a "guest" doesn't leave me with a warm feeling inside.
Created on: 1/9/2014 9:08 PM
Please Faxon, I beg you to make a 6.8 spc version. Please. :)
Created on: 1/16/2014 12:38 PM
This is a very good product. It could be better with a .22lr conversion. I'm gonna wait until that happens before i even think of buying the ARAK 21. Until then i will keep using my CMMG 22lr uppers.
Created on: 1/28/2014 2:42 AM
To Faxon Team:

  You guys have come up with solid gold!  This is, by far, my favorite gun to shoot at the range.  It is extremely accurate, I am averaging a 1 inch group @ 200 ft from a supported (without bipod) position.  When I first tried out the 300 BLK - I wasn't happy because I got alot of FTF.  After trying a couple of different ammo types, I realized that the "match" Remmington AAC ammo was the problem - not the ARAK.  I've put a couple hundred 300 BLK Couper rounds through my rifle with maybe 2 FTF's.  

  If you are on the fence about purchasing this rifle - I implore you - BUY IT!  This system is excellent and it overcomes almost all of the major issues associated with the AR platform.  The ARAK upper is rugged, tough, accurate, innovative and would be my first choice to take into combat (if I could get a full-auto option).  I am really hoping that Faxon chooses to offer a 6.5mm Grendel or a 6.8mm SPC barrel option.  Faxon should make as many different barrel choices as possible to attract both attention and interest in their uppers.  

  Modern shooters want an upper capable of shooting as many different types of ammo as possible and that's exactly what this system is capable of.  Many companies (like Robinson and Bushmaster) have tried...and failed to deliver a reliable switch barrel.  Where those attempts have crashed and burned, Faxon has the talent and potential to succeed.  Prove it and turn the ARAK into the last upper shooters need to purchase to shoot the newer types of ammo on the market.  

  The ARAK becomes THE DEAL when shooters realize they can purchase ONE upper and shoot four or five different types of ammo (with the change-out of barrel and bolt).  The ARC fell flat on it's face because Bushmaster failed to follow through and offer the 6.8mm barrel to the public.  You guys have incredible potential to dominate the market because your design can work with every ammo type that can fit in the M-4 mag well.  Use that selling point and design/produce the 6.5 and 6.8 mm barrel/bolt combo's to attract the following your design deserves.


Created on: 2/6/2014 2:32 AM
wish you guys would make your own ar-10 style ambidextrous  lower receives with mag well caliber inserts and make a new upper receiver to fit it. now that would be pretty hot.
Created on: 2/7/2014 10:26 AM
Another vote for 300 blk SBR, please!
Created on: 2/9/2014 2:08 AM
This is an update from my last post:

  I just installed a couple of upgrades that I thought people should know about.  A couple of people blogged about having to slightly modify the MAGPUL BAD lever.  I purchased both a MAGPUL and TROY bolt release and tried out each at the range.  The TROY lever didn't need to be modified in any way and was all steel.  It definitely felt like the better product of the two.  I would highly recommend the troy bolt release.

  I also added an ACE stock to my lower receiver.  Despite the fact that the ARAK doesn't need a buffer tube - most ACE stocks need the buffer tube as an attachment point (like the skeleton stock).  If you have questions about their products, the girls at ACE are more than happy to help and unlike other companies, they actually know a lot about the technical specs of the products they sell.  I would stay away from their folding stocks however.  

  I purchased a folding stock because I thought the potential utility outweighed the risks.  Unfortunately, I found out that there was a "wobble" with each of these designs because, as the pivot point is used, it loses more and more of it's rigidity and form.  A space or tolerance develops - with mine, I had as much as 4mm of movement on my shoulder when I was looking down my sights.  It's much safer and cheaper to just go with a standard fixed stock.  I've noticed a definite accuracy since I made the switch.

  Another improvement I made was to buy a rubber buffer to take up some of the looseness between my upper and lower.  To Faxon's credit, the measure I needed to cut this buffer was below 1mm but it made the gun feel much more solid and I noticed less FTF problems with the 300 BLK ammo I was using.

  The MAGPUL people shouldn't be thrown completely under the bus however.  The AFG-2 is an excellent forward grip in it's design and price.  The ARAK does get hot and this heat transfers to the rails.  Unless the user is wearing kevlar gloves - the upper can become nearly unusable (especially when used full-auto for extended periods of time).  Because of it's design, the AFG-2 does not allow for heat transfer from the barrel to the rail to the hand guard.  This must have been noticed by the Faxon team too because they had the insight to make the rails removable.

  One of the last options I added was a simple light.  Some people see the need to spend hundreds of dollars on a light, I am not in that crowd.  I got a TRL-1 HL for less than $100 on amazon and am very happy with it.  I have a couple of these units and am very pleased with them.  They are extremely bright and do the job: they will make any person I point it at look away (especially when I use the strobe function).    

  For optics, I tried out everything from EOTECH 512, XPS, Bushnell TRS-25, AIMPOINT PRO, T-1, Vortex Strikefire, Vortex SPRC, Trijicon ACOG and Trijicon reflex 24mm.  My first recommendation is to spend the money on good optics regardless of if you're going for range or not.  I highly recommend (as does the rest of the people on the internet who know what they are talking about) the Trijicon ACOG.  I got a 3.5 power green horseshoe version from the Vegas Shot Show for less than $800.  It's probably the best scope I have.  For red dots, I prefer the AIMPOINT PRO.  Built like a tank with no extra weight or frills - this is a reliable and well priced choice you should be able to find for $400 or under.  

  Take my advice or disregard it - I am just sharing my experiences.  I absolutely love my Faxon upper.  Out of the 8 black rifles I own, my Faxon is the go to weapon for me due to it's reliability, durability and capabilities.  I was in the Army and the ARAK-21 is definitely a couple of steps up from the M-4 I was issued from Colt.  I talked with a Faxon representative from Texas, a Vetnam veteran who was involved with SOG operations.  As it turned out, he had a hand in talking with the design team about the (problems with the direct impingement system) of the M-4.  After another phone call with the vice-president of the company, I was convinced that Faxon had arrived at the answer for the next generation of modern firearms.

  I only wish the Army had the sense to seriously consider the ARAK-21 as a MBR for soldiers serving overseas.  I mean - think about it - the military could rearm just by changing the uppers they use.  They wouldn't have to purchase complete new firearms and they could re-sell their upper's almost "as is" to civilian collectors or sportsmen, making up much of the cost in the process.  

  I hope Faxon moves to making a barrel/bolt combo so the ARAK-21 is capable of shooting the 6.8mm spc and the 6.5mm Grendel (as well as the 7.62 x 39 mm of the AK-47).  The Army would be crazy not to consider this upper if it had all those calibers because soldiers would maintain interoperability between squad members while creating dedicated weapons with unique/specific capabilities within the squad.  
Created on: 2/18/2014 4:07 PM
Hey folks! Bill here with Faxon Firearms. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to everyone who has posted. I am going to make the effort to respond to the questions you have asked. It may just take me a while to get to all of them.

The biggest question is the 7.62x51 or .308. We have just started with the R and D on this project. We are projecting that the .308 will be ready in early 2015.

At this time, we are focusing on production of the 5.56 and .300BLK. The demand has been amazing for these calibers. We are working around the clock to keep up and maintain our dedication to quality.
Created on: 2/19/2014 10:15 AM
We are working on fixing the sales tax issue now. It seems that even if you are not an Ohio resident sales tax is being added. When you check out the tax is be removed, but is confusing. Trying to fix it now. Thanks folks!
Created on: 2/20/2014 7:13 PM
I would love to see a 6.8 SPC and 12ga from you guys.
Created on: 2/26/2014 4:57 PM
We have had several people contact us asking what our lead time is fill a purchase from Faxon Firearms.

At this time our, lead time is 4 weeks. The demand has been awesome and we have adjusted our production to meet the needs of, you, our customer.

Every part of our ARAK-21 is made in the USA. When I say every part, I mean every piece of metal is melted, milled and assembled in this great nation.

So we want to thank everyone for the support that keep giving us here at Faxon Firearms!!
Created on: 2/27/2014 9:01 AM
Our website is having some issues accepting some credit cards and debit cards at the moment. We are working on fixing this issue right now. As soon as it resolved we will post on here.

Thank you for your understanding on this issue.
Created on: 3/11/2014 2:56 PM
Has anyone identified the best brand of 300 blk round for the 12.5in barrel?
Created on: 3/12/2014 11:06 AM
Black Hills works good if you are not using a suppressor. It is hot enough to run the ARAK-21 in full auto.
Created on: 3/12/2014 2:53 PM
What other Brands of 300blk for the 12.5in barrel work well? Also this one may sound like a stupid question, but what about the round allows it to work better for this barrel?
Created on: 3/12/2014 4:10 PM
And im also only finding 300 whisper rounds made by Black Hills. Could this be what you meant?
Created on: 3/14/2014 9:30 AM
Just talked with our head gunsmith. It seems Black Hills did make them. You can call them and see if the 300 Whisper will work. You have to have hot ammo with higher pressures. We hand load for testing on the 12.5 300AAC. Sorry I can not be of more help. I have some load data that will help if you reload.
Created on: 3/15/2014 1:36 AM
Black Hills makes Custom ammunition to various specifications. Most likely Black Hills made a large run of ammo for FAXON to do testing.  I would doubt a specific type ammo is needed so much as a supersonic velocity.  It is common for short barreled 300blk weapons to not cycle with SUB sonic ammo without the suppressor attached.  Really waiting on Barrel fluting guys. Hint hint I saw it at Shot on your demo gun.  good stuff keep it coming
Created on: 3/22/2014 1:57 AM
Has any R&D started on the 6.8 or 6.5 calibers? Would love a SBR and 20" 6.5 Grendel combo
Created on: 3/22/2014 1:58 AM
Has any R&D started on the 6.8 or 6.5 calibers? Would love a SBR and 20" 6.5 Grendel combo
Created on: 3/27/2014 3:48 PM
Please give us some insight as to what is planned as far as additional calibers and barrel lengths.  Would like to see shorter barreled 300BLK and 5.45x39.  I have been stocking up on relatively cheap 5.45x39 but don't have an upper for it yet.  Help a brother out and take my money.
Created on: 4/21/2014 2:33 PM
I have been reasonably happy with my Faxon upper. I would , however, like Faxon to make  their own lower receiver so that we can 1. have a better fitting upper and lower and 2 have a folding stock. One other issue I have is the upper getting extremely hot during shooting sessions. I plan to use handguard shield with my upper. I am also considering fluting my barrel. Overall though, I am really happy. I understand that some of the short comings I mention is a sequale of getting a system that allows for a quick  barrel change between calibers. By the way, my faxon upper mated well with my Noveske lower but only fairly well with my CMMG lower.
Created on: 4/25/2014 12:38 PM
To bad its not in 7.62x54R.
Created on: 4/25/2014 12:39 PM
To bad its not in 7.62x54R.
Created on: 4/29/2014 8:37 PM
I just recently read a review on your product and am very impressed with what I have read.  What really piqued my interest is how you have incorporated the strengths of the AK47 design into a AR styled package with AR ergonomics and, if true as advertised, AR like accuracy.  Add t this the simple yet ingenious barrel change design and I believe you have a real winner here among the AR crowd.  As a retired military guy it makes me happy to see the better aspects of the AK design incorporated into quality American made product.  I plan on purchasing one of your uppers soon. My only question so far is how long of a turn around time can one expect from order to order fill to delivery?

-Retired Paratrooper
Created on: 4/29/2014 8:37 PM
I just recently read a review on your product and am very impressed with what I have read.  What really piqued my interest is how you have incorporated the strengths of the AK47 design into a AR styled package with AR ergonomics and, if true as advertised, AR like accuracy.  Add t this the simple yet ingenious barrel change design and I believe you have a real winner here among the AR crowd.  As a retired military guy it makes me happy to see the better aspects of the AK design incorporated into quality American made product.  I plan on purchasing one of your uppers soon. My only question so far is how long of a turn around time can one expect from order to order fill to delivery?

-Retired Paratrooper
Created on: 5/19/2014 5:18 PM
I have the ARAK-21 and paired it with a Balck Rain lower, cant stress enough how smooth and badass it is. Glad I dropped the coin at the get go for this Masterpiece. Thanks guys for one bad mofo!
Created on: 5/20/2014 4:51 PM
Why don't you return phone calls? I've been trying for two days!
Created on: 5/22/2014 11:33 AM
In order to return phone calls we must have a message with a number to call back.
Created on: 5/26/2014 2:11 PM
love the fact you guys came out with the 300 blackout in   12.5". i was thinking about this as i was placing an order for it and i thought it would be cool if you guys came out with an "arak 1012" pretty much a 308 upper that can also fire 12 gauge ammo.
Created on: 6/16/2014 10:34 AM
Any chance of getting 12.5 Lightweight barrels in the future?  I'm very interested in getting the 12.5 5.56 for a suppressed config, but the upper weight is nearly 2lbs heavier than my 16' (DI) before a suppressor.  Thanks!
Created on: 6/21/2014 9:03 PM
was wondering if there was any plans for different sized  handguard extension kits